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About one year ago, I took a leap of faith and decided to pursue my dream and passion of becoming a professional photographer. I have taken pictures as a hobby ever since I was eight years old however this time was different. I had just graduated college and was struggling to figure out exactly what I wanted to do (yes, this is after getting my bachelors degree).  My mom had seen my struggle and suggested that I do something that’s enjoyable, something that I could thrive in. She had already seen how I am with a camera and how my face lights up every time I use my camera. One day she encouraged me to look into pursuing photography as a career and to this day I haven’t looked back.

When a friend of mine told me to check out CreativeLive, I discovered Sue Bryce. After watching her ‘Glamour Photography‘ course live, I purchased it in a heartbeat and to this day call her my teacher and mentor. Sue Bryce is a leading contemporary glamour photographer, mentor, leader, creative artist, anthropologist, speaker, teacher, business woman, has done countless things to help women in this society, gives back to charities, goes out of her way to help photographers all over the world just like me to pursue their dreams, and last but surely not least is someone who inspires me to be the best photographer and person I can be and to help people see themselves as beautiful.

I remember watching her first course online, my eyes were glued to the screen (did I tell you she has a killer accent? yeah….she’s from New Zealand!). The next day I decided to use my mom as my first Glamour model. After following Sue’s class a light switch suddenly came on in my brain and I knew that this was my calling; to photograph women all around the world and help them see the beautiful person that God created them to be.

Sue Bryce has helped women see themselves in a whole new light. She has found the niche in the market and is helping thousands of photographers all over the world to do the same. I remember her saying that there are 6 and a half billion people in the entire world, women being half of them. If there are that many women in our world then why aren’t we photographing them?

I  believe that every woman deserves to be photographed for all time. Every woman deserves to see her internal beauty shine out from within her. She deserves to let go, be fearless, and not be afraid to show her true self and be vulnerable in front of the camera. This is one of the things that I love about Sue Bryce is that in every work she produces, she has a way of making women feel special, real, beautiful, and vulnerable all at the same time, and because of her, I am doing the same.

Here are some examples of what women thought about getting their photograph taken and what it has done for them…


“I decided to do a Glamour photo shoot with Kendall for many reasons, foremost the season of life I am embarking upon. After retiring from a job I’d held for 31 years and raising two daughters who were my true “vocation,” it was time to look at who I was and who I want to be in the second half of my life.

Insecurities seem to play out for me as physical flaws.  I’ve never wanted to address this aspect of my personality and instead have become “camera shy.” As I age, so much of this no longer matters. We’re not a collection of our weaknesses, but rather of our strengths. I know that beauty comes from the inside; from love, a desire for good and for me from my love of God. This is me. I’m ready to embrace that newly defined beauty and see where it will take me.” – Kathleen

Barbara_October 18, 2013-88-Edit

“I had never considered a glamour photo at my age–outer beauty fades and I didn’t think of myself as beautiful. But my daughter and granddaughter convinced me to do so as my 79th birthday gift. The photos were done so well–I never envisioned myself as the photos had portrayed me.

I think beauty is seen from the eyes–the doorway to your heart and extends to your outer beauty–no matter your age. This experience has inspired me to take better care of myself. A reminder that there is beauty in everyone. I would encourage other women to have their glamour portrait taken so they can see how beautiful they really are.” – Barbara




“I will be 70 years old in a few weeks and I feel like a new person. Kendall took me in and gave me an uplifting view of myself.  I went to see Kendall and was given a make over and photo shoot and it was like living in another world.  She posed me in several different ways and I could not believe the results. If you do not feel good about yourself, you need someone like Kendall to take you in and give you a real photo shoot. I could not believe the way I looked in the photos. I look younger and felt so good about myself after having this done.

It is so easy to just become what you have always been. I had forgotten to feel good. Now I want to be better; and  today I really do feel good about my self after viewing the portraits that Kendall had taken.  All my friends were really amazed at what she did for me.” – Carolyn


If you are a photographer, fashion designer, makeup artist, videographer, and you want to help make women change the way they look at themselves for the better, TOMORROW is Sue Bryce‘s Rebroadcast of #28dayswithsuebryce on CreativeLive.com. Click here to enroll or click on the link below. Even if you are looking for something to watch to get inspired again and to follow your dreams, Sue Bryce is an AMAZING speaker whom you won’t want to miss!


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