Be Unique, Be YOU!

“Not every girl is the same shape, not every girl is the same size, not every girl is the same personality..” quotes recently newlywed Jessica Simpson as she explains why 14 of her Bridesmaids each had their own unique style.



Most of the time brides tend to only think of themselves, focusing on them feeling the most beautiful walking down the aisle. However Jessica takes it to a whole other level when she provides a stylist for each of her own bridesmaids. She did not want this to be a typical “all about the bride” wedding, but instead made sure that each of the women standing beside her felt the most beautiful they have ever felt before!..

That is the same concept with Glamour Portraiture. A Glamour Portrait Session with me is not just about me taking pictures of you. It is about the entire Glamour Experience! I love to take the average woman and transform her where she can truly look at herself and feel amazing, confident, and like the most beautiful woman on the planet after her photo shoot!..

I first find out what kind of photo shoot she wants and provide a pre consultation to discuss the details. I like to find out her style, what type of clothing does she want to wear, etc? Does she want her images to depict a sexy look, fun and flair, fashion look, etc?..Does she want any hair pieces or anything significant to her in her photo with her, like a pearly necklace her grandma gave her etc… We discuss her outfits, types of accessories to bring and what she can expect on the day of her custom Glamour photo shoot. After the photo session, I bring in my client to view her photos. This is my favorite part of what I do. It is amazing to see women’s reactions to their images; the confidence and their expression of themselves when they look at themselves and see them for who they really are!…it is an absolute joy to witness! :)…


One of my clients Carolyn, who is in her 60’s sent me this message:

“I was in shock at how amazing I looked! It was great and exciting!”



Another client of mine Barbara, who is in her 70’s said:

“I never imagined that my photos could be so complimentary! It was such a fun experience!”


The most amazing thing for me, doing what I do is not just about taking pictures in hopes to sell them. I find complete joy in my client’s reactions to their portraits, in themselves, and love to hear how this experience changed them and how they look at themselves…

I am a Glamour Portrait Photographer and I love whatI do! I hope to photograph as many women in my lifetime so they can fully appreciate themselves as a women, feel confident, and know that they don’t have to be a size 2 to feel beautiful.


Above is a picture of Jessica and all of her bridesmaids each styled uniquely to there style, their shade of color, their individual personality…

Too many women often compare themselves to others….don’t do this to yourself. You are beautiful exactly the way you are! Be glad that you are a different shape, size, and personality than everyone else! Embrace your beauty! deserve it! Take into account to what Jessica says and embrace being different and feeling your absolute best!


“Ofcourse every bride wants to feel her most beautiful they’ve ever felt before..but I think the support system of everybody else feeling the best is what makes you feel the best!” -Jessica Simpson




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