Beauty is like a Flower…





A few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing Mackenzie. She is a beautiful woman, a mother of two, a wife, an entrepreneur and  she also has the most AMAZING singing voice!

I met Mackenzie on a rooftop of a restaurant where she was celebrating one of her girlfriend’s birthdays. It was a coincidence because I was there to celebrate one of my friend’s birthday’s too! We got to talking and I ended up giving her my card. I told her I would love to photograph her sometime and to email me if she was interested.

A couple of days go by and she emails me “I know who you are!” –funny story but apparently I had met her several years ago when she was roommates my friend Jenn. “Small world!” I said, and I was like –DUHH I remembered Mackenzie…it must’ve been because she had long hair when I first met her, so of course I hadn’t recognized her because now she had short hair…

Anyways she scheduled a Glamour photo shoot for her and I was so excited!! I decided that this wouldn’t be any photo shoot. I wanted to give the audience an inside look of what a Glamour Photo shoot really is and why it is so important. Below are some of her captivating images and the video testimonial of Mackenzie’s overall experience.

It was an amazing day of beauty, pampering, photo shoot, and she was speechless after I had revealed the portraits to her…

I love how she says that beauty is like a flower and comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms and that is exactly what I hope to achieve for everyday women… for them to look in the mirror and see their own unique beauty!


Thank you Mackenzie for deciding to #ExistininPhotos for me, for others, and for your family!







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