Beauty on the Inside and Out

Women are their own worst critics when it comes to seeing themselves in photographs.Their smile isn’t right, they think they look fat, or they aren’t posed right in the first place.  Most people go for the “sorority pose”, you know legged popped out, hand on hip, arched back, aka the so called perfect pose for photographs (yes, I confess I do that in photographs too). The sad thing is women have a hard time seeing how beautiful they really are (read previous blog post on Image here).

One of the reasons I became a Glamour Photographer was to help reveal to women how beautiful they are. Sometimes it’s hard to see your own beauty, but letting someone else bring it out of you through their lens (like me) will change your perception and help you see that you are all of the wonderful things people say about you…Amazing, Talented, Wonderful, Funny, Smart, Sexy, Confident, and Beautiful…need I say more? Women are special. They are the Matriarch of the family, they deserve to be photographed for all time, and deserve to look and feel good in their photographs.

Here is a photo shoot I did last week, and these two girls were amazing. They both were so sweet and kind, and had a BLAST getting their pictures taken. Lets see their before….BeforeBothGirls

Getting their hair and Make Up done…



Here are the results







Whether you are your own worst critic or not, you owe it to yourself to see yourself as you are–




How do you Dream of being Photographed??

Call me for a a complimentary consultation today…together we can make your Dream Photo shoot come true!

BEAUTY is the light that shines out from within you…“- Sue Bryce








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